Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Massacre "Los Horcones"

On the night of June 25, 1975 one of the worst massacre in Honduran history occurred. The atrocity of “Los Horcones” took place in the ranch of Manuel Zelaya senior. A group of grass root leaders, priests, national union farmers, and students invited to the ranch by Zelaya senior met their faith. In cold blood they were murdered by “men wearing cowboy hats, boots and uniforms.” In one night of massive slaughter more people lost their lives then have during the Honduran crisis of 2009. In order to hide the massacre the victims’ bodies were thrown in a well then ignited with dynamite. A gruesome seen that has never been forgotten by the people of Honduras the “pueblo”. One of the implicated murderers Manuel Zelaya senior served only five years in prison. The massacre of “Los Horcones” is remembered every year; this year is the 35 anniversary since the massacre.

The 14 murdered people:

- Lincoln Coleman
- Alejandro Figueroa
- Roque R. Andrade
- Maximo Aguilera
- Ivan Betancourth
- Casimino Sipher
- Ruth A. Garcia M.
- Oscar Ovidio Ortiz
- Maria Elena Bolivar
- Bernardo Rivera
- Juan B. Montoya
- Fausto Cruz
- Arnulfo Gomez
- Francisco Colindres

This picture of Mel Zelaya appeared last year after ex-president Zelaya stated to the United Nations that he was scared when the military brought there weapons and took him out of his house. He then stated "guns? I don't even know what the were till that night."

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